Grammar Schools and 11+ exams

A short introduction to grammar schools and why they may be ideal for you child. Each child is unique and may suit a different environment, and grammar schools may be that ideal environment for your child.


Tutoring to help your child enjoy learning and reach their potential

Our high quality and structured Tuition based in Shirley, Solihull United Kingdom, is designed to enable children achieve excellent results in 11+ exams and later years. We have both online and COVID compliant face to face options available.


11+ Mock Tests

We will be conducting 11+ Mock tests starting in April to help the children prepare for the 11+.  Review sessions are included in the package. 

what do we offer

We provide the best possible support for your child's journey into Grammar, Private and Secondary schools

Group Learning

Students learn in small groups. This format enables a different set of advantages versus 1 to 1 tuitions

Friendly Competitions

Our team finds ways to make learning fun and presents challenges to help students along the way

Individual Assessment

Regular assessment is an effective tool to measure the progress and identify gaps in learning


Safety is paramount during these times. We provide a safe COVID proof environment for our face to face classes