What we do

Our high quality structured tuition is designed to enable children to achieve great results in both the 11+ and later life. We help them enjoy learning and build strong foundations so that they can build their confidence and take on challenges to reach their potential.

Practice, more practice

We believe in the saying practice makes perfect, and it is proven to help improve speed, accuracy and skill by just spending half an hour everyday


We monitor our children to ensure that they understand the lessons. This help them enjoy learning, so that they are ready for KS3  when they will encounter hurdles. It will be easier to overcome with a strong foundation and motivation.

How we do

While it is always great to meet face to face when it’s possible, in today’s world online tutoring has become exceptionally popular and useful in day to day life. 

In these online sessions, we will cover Maths and NVR (Non-Verbal Reasoning) if the students are preparing for the 11+ exams. Else, if your child needs help with Maths between KS2 and Year 8, we offer sessions for these too. If your child needs help with English, we work with  proficient English tutors who are happy to help. The Literacy Club provides English tuition to pupils. These tutors have agreed to respect our class times and structure/ methodology. Please click here to get more details and reach out to Literacy Club

learn, note, sign

Courses covered