11+ Mock Test

Shirley Home Learning will be conducting the Annual Mock tests to help the students get ready for the 11+ exams in September .
There will be 4 mock test conducted for year 2022-23. The tests would be open to all.
The dates would be confirmed soon. If you have any queries, please reach us at admin@shirleyhomelearning.com

Course Coverage
The Mock Tests will be split into various sections covering the following topics-
1) Mathematics- This will include problem solving, word problems and arithmetic
2) Non Verbal Reasoning - This will comprising of the odd one out, coded shapes, similarities and more
3) Verbal Reasoning - This will contain antonyms, synonyms, homophones, sequences and more
4) English - This will comprise of several different question types, including cloze and more
Please note that these lists are non exhaustive - more topics will be covered

Test Process
These will be monitored tests simulating the real grammar tests at a test centre. In the event of a national lock down the tests will be conducted online. Further details will be provided on enrollment.

The fees includes the mock test and a 90 minute review session for each test
- 1 test 55 GBP
- 2 tests 100 GBP
- 3 tests 145 GBP

Please contact admin@shirleyhomelearning.com for booking your seat

Mock Test Enrollment
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